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For entrepreneurs who want their professional images consistently marketed with authentic, well-written blog articles:

We meet every month, or every other month, or quarterly, and I create photographic blog articles (from both Geren Imaging’s blog, that can also be replicated on your own blog) with each photographic article focusing on one topic based on you and your services.

Then I market that blog article and your services online through my email newsletter, a landing page and social media.

Each blog article is around 500 words or less with 10-20 high-quality digital images correlating with the featured service and story.

You will also receive your digital images separately in a downloadable gallery for your own marketing purposes.

Just the photos are more than worth the price!

Select below from the options menu how often you would like consistent marketed photographic blog articles: quarterly, every other month or monthly.

Quarterly marketed photographic blog articles: $390 each

Every-other-month marketed photographic blog articles: $290 each

Monthly marketed photographic blog articles: $190 each
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