World Traveler $497.00
The World Traveler Package is for organizations and individuals around the world who run hotels, businesses and attractions that cater to tourists.

You receive two valuable items that bring you ever-increasing exposure, a heightened brand image and a funnel of new people booking visits.

1. 10-30 professional photographs with full copyrights to use as you please for advertising and more.

2. An concise to in-depth review on Geren Imaging’s Blog consisting of 500-2,500 words along with your professional photographs. The Blog article will be advertised on social media platforms relevant to its audience, receive SEO optimization service and be sent out to hundreds of subscribers in Geren Imaging’s e-mail newsletter. As a permanent Blog fixture, your review article increases in traffic as the Blog continues to expand and reach an even greater mass following.

If your organization or business services tourists, you understand how important positive online content is.
According to a Dimensional Research study, 90 percent of customers make decisions based on online reviews and one of the most effective ways to reach people is through a compelling blog.

People connect more with an authentic blogger who creates useful content and does interesting things such as traveling the world and sharing his or her experiences through high-quality professional photographs and written content than they do with images or content from mass advertising.

Customers are more likely to book a stay at your hotel or buy tickets to your attraction after reading a well-written eye-catching online blog review, especially if it’s from a blog that they are familiar with or subscribed to – and especially if the blog contains beautiful photographs.

Did you know that over 65 percent of the population are visual learners and that 90 percent of information sent to the brain is visual? (Source: Social Science Research and Visual Teaching Alliance).

This is why professional photographs are imperative in sharing your destination. Most people think in pictures.

Powerful professional photographs that convey emotion are more likely to trigger people to take action, and this is where my expertise comes in.

Very few bloggers are professional photographers. I not only have a background in journalism and public relations, a Bachelor of Art's degree in Technical journalism, with years of working for a magazine and newspapers, but I also have over eight years of photography experience and over five years of being a professional photographer running a professional photography business.

I understand the importance of branding and the positive and pivotal effect of emotionally-triggered professional photographs on your audience.

Because I am passionate about Geren Imaging and the people we influence and service, I can only take professional photographs and conduct reviews with organizations who are in alignment with Geren Imaging’s principles and audience. To ensure that we are a good fit, please contact me first before booking.

The turnaround time for your photographs and blog article is within 21 days of the last day of the visit.

As soon as the photographs are edited and uploaded on Geren Imaging's online gallery, you will be contacted with via e-mail (and phone if you prefer) with a link to download your photos. You will also receive a hard copy via US mail that contains your photos on a USB drive in a photo-wrapped case.

A link with your blog article will also be sent to you via e-mail.

All travel accommodations such as flights and lodging are subsidized by the organization or individual(s) who I (and any others at Geren Imaging) are creating this World Traveler package for.
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