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What are your favorite features? What are your least favorite features?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your favorite features, such as your eyes, could stand out in your portraits and overshadow your softened, least favorite features?

And wouldn’t it be nice if your photographs could not only bring to life the best-looking version of you but also the most authentic version of you?

I see so many photographs that document a person's face at a particular time and place but fail to capture who the person really is.

Photography is a practiced art interlaced with talent and technical skill. With years of patience, most professional photographers can master the photographic skill but don’t always have the natural talent or the drive and enthusiasm for their craft to continually learn and create to become a master of art.

How would you like your authenticity and beauty to shine through the camera effortlessly? When this happens, all of the cooperative elements that create a perfect portrait of you combine. The lighting, the mood and the energy that brings out your unique truth shines through the camera and lights up the room.

Regardless of your size, your skin imperfections or your age, you have a uniquely beautiful essence about you that no one else has and may have never been captured before on camera.

I am passionate about capturing the most authentic and the best-looking version of you on camera. With years of perfecting fine art imagery combined with my meticulous post-production style, I have the talent and experience from many years of mastering my craft to bring the best version of yourself to reality.

• Studio or outdoor session

• Subtle skin and body retouching

• 10 high-resolution digital images recomposed, stylized and artistically edited with full copyrights (more photos can be purchased at additional cost)

• Delivered to you on a name-engraved USB drive in a beautiful photo case

Earlier last year I was looking for some new business photos. I had recently gone back into Real Estate as a realtor and having your photo on your card is nearly mandatory. I am not a fan of the old "glamour" shot style of photos or the stuffy business look. I wanted something that looked like me and felt like me. Jennae went above and beyond my expectations! She blew me away. She made me feel comfortable and at ease the whole time she was taking my photos! The results: photos that represent me, my essence. I love what I do, and I can tell Jennae does as well! She is amazing! If you are looking for photos that represent your joy, your essence, I highly recommend Geren Imaging. - Jackie Mihilachick

If you are thinking of having your portrait done for your business (or otherwise), I highly recommend Jennae of Geren Imaging. I was a nervous wreck getting my portrait taken (been putting it off for a year). But I knew it was way overdue and needed new ones for my websites and my business cards. Jennae met me at 6:30 in the morning so we could be on a snowy field in the middle of nowhere to capture these shots at sunrise and I absolutely love them. Thanks for going that extra mile (miles) to make this happen. - Lynda Colterberg

Jennae did a great job photographing me for my business. I was a professional actor in NYC for several years and had many photo shoots and lots of head shots taken. Jennae is by far the best photographer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She made the session fun and exciting. Her writing style is also amazing. She was able to capture me in a way that made me feel good about myself. She had a way of capturing the best of me. She is well worth the time and money. I highly recommend her. Thank you Jennae!
- Shane Smith

Jennae has a wonderful way of capturing your inner light in a way that is flattering and shows your personality. She is professional and willing to adjust to your location or you can use her beautiful photography studio. I suggest that if you need to update your professional headshots for your website, cards & social media, give Jennae a call. - Tammy Carpenter

I am not a photogenic person and it was never a good experience for me with anyone else. My photo session with Jennae was comfortable, easy and my pictures turned out amazing! She is an amazingly talented and creative photographer which is extremely important in dealing with someone who doesn't like getting their picture taken at all. Now I have pictures that portray me and look natural and relaxed, not posed! Thank you Jennae! I will be recommending you to everyone I know! - Jackie Bernhardt

I absolutely love my pictures! Jennae captured so much with such ease. I now have a wide variety of gorgeous shots that I can choose from for different occasions. This range really allows me to share my message with my audience through my eyes, through my image - and not just my words! So Grateful!! - Katarrah Udarro
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