Your Song $997.00
A concise and artistic video with background music is the most effective way to stand out from the crowd! In this new age of short attention spans, videos are the medium of choice.

Unique, artistic videos that tell the story of the authentic you and what makes you and your business unique, convey a powerful message by tapping into emotion and connecting with your audience the way other advertising platforms can't.

Your Song is a 2-3 minute video with background music featuring you in your element to reveal who you are and what you do. Your video not only shows you at work in your business but also gives you the option of showing other elements of yourself such as your family, your hobbies and you in your favorite places.

If you have received other Geren Imaging business portrait sessions, portraits from those sessions can be incorporated into the video.

Your song will be delivered to you on a name-engraved USB drive in a beautiful photo case as well as uploaded on a video site such as Vimeo with a link to your video so you can share on social media, your Web site and more.

If you would rather have a more traditional type of video for your business such as a testimonial or introduction video, scroll down in the type of video options box to select the testimonial or introduction video.
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Total Price: $997.00
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